Texting Girls

The way the contemporary Booty label decreases

Most of us have got that pal exactly who can not place his cellphone down during the bar. The dude who’s had gotten eight text talks with women going on at the same time. You’re trying to pick up brand new chicks, and he’s just attempting to nail on the types he’s already got. You’re not amazed. He’s becoming a sh*tty wingman. However you will provide it with to him — the text-message-to-bedroom strategy sometimes works. Sometimes it does not. Occasionally you get shut down. And sometimes your ex you’re speaking with provides it in an entirely different direction. Nonetheless it requires a lot less effort than wanting to pick up from the bar.

We’re looking for some genuine text-message exchanges that skate around a dating or intercourse issue. The people you may have at 2 a.m. that start off with, “Hey :)” and for some reason finish garnering a response through the lady on the other side — whether good or negative.

Here are a few examples from… ahem… some guys we know.

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